Elle Brooke gobsmacked by size of adult stars manhood thats in top 0.01%

Elle Brooke has opened up about her first experience filming with a popular UK porn star, admitting that she had been shocked by the size of his member.

Brought up in Portsmouth, Elle has become one of the UK’s most popular OnlyFans models, renowned for posing in tight-fitting football shirts and even joking that she’s hoping to attract Manchester City star Jack Grealish.

The adult performer recently stepped into the boxing ring, defeating Love Island star AJ Bunker after receiving coaching advice from Ebanie Bridges.

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Now, speaking on Jaack Maate’s Happy Hour podcast after her victory, Elle opened up about her adult career and revealed that she had once been startled by the size of British star Danny D’s member.

“He helicoptered it in front of me, and it was so big, I was so impressed,” she remembered.

“One of the boys I was with on my shoot, he was like, ‘no homo but can I see your d***?’ He whacked it out and all the boys were just like, ‘what the f***’.

“He’s in the top 0.01% of penises.”

And, asked whether the experience of filming with Danny had been painful, Elle admitted: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I only put it halfway in.”

But, the adult performer stressed that she had still enjoyed the experience, adding: “It’s hard because he knows it’s big, he’s gentle with it, he’s not trying to destroy you.

“He’s good in the sense that he’s not trying to pierce your heart.”

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And, despite her recent success in the ring, Elle also confessed that she is unlikely to swap OnlyFans for boxing full-time.

“I love it, I’m built for this and it’s something that I want to do,” she said.

“Everyone always says, ‘are you going to be a boxer now?’ I’m like, ‘no, I’m still an OnlyFans star’, I quite like doing it.”

“It’s who I am and who my brand is, I’m always going to be this sex-obsessed person.”


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