Elon Musk addresses UFO incidents as he warns earth is just a tiny candle

Elon Musk has warned that the earth could be the "tiny candle" of the universe and that there may be nothing else out there, but we still need to take "great care".

The SpaceX and Twitter CEO made comment on the series of recent "UFO incidents" that have hit the United States, with the Tesla owner commenting on the existence of aliens.

The 51-year-old brushed aside the potential of alien invasions and said he does not think the recent white balloons in American airspace are anything extraterrestrial.

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But he does believe that earth could be the only sentient life out there and that the "tiny candle of consciousness" could be it for life in this universe.

As chilling as that space-based isolation may be, Musk said: "If the universe is really as old as science seems to think it is, you wonder 'where are the aliens?'.

"Shouldn't there be aliens all over the place? The crazy thing is I've seen no evidence of alien technology or any alien life whatsoever. I don't think anybody knows more about space than me, or at least space technology.

"I think it's actually a troubling thing if there are no aliens as well, as what that could mean is that civilization and consciousness is like a tiny candle in the vast darkness, and a very vulnerable tiny candle."

Musk continued to warn that said candle could "easily be blown out" and noted the need to take "great care".

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He added: "I think we should take great care with what very well may be this tiny candle in a vast darkness and make sure that it does not go out."

His comments come during an appearance at a virtual World Government Summit in Dubai, where he was asked, simply, "alien or no alien?".

Musk added that there was a responsibility to "do everything we can to ensure that the light of consciousness does not go out."

It comes as the Tesla CEO revealed he had given away £1.6billion worth of Tesla stock to charity, Sky News reported.

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