EU’s bitter ‘resentment’ exposed as Barnier warned he can do ‘nothing’ to stop Brexit

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The latest round of Brexit talks has produced no further agreements with rows breaking out yet again between the two parties. EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier has suggested that Britain should not be allowed to become a stepping stone into the EU market or a manufacturing hub for the bloc after leaving. Former Brexit Secretary David Davis warned talkRADIO that the EU did not want the UK to “succeed”.

He told listeners: “The first thing to understand is that Michel Barnier comes with a French attitude.

“This is a terror that Britain will somehow become hyper-competitive by being some sort of deregulation wild west.

“It’s always been wrong, but it’s a mindset that Michel’s had for a long time.

“The second problem is, of course, he, like a lot of Europeans, resents the fact that we’re leaving.”

Mr Davis continued: “There’s no two-ways about it, they resent it.

“As a result, they don’t want us to succeed in whatever we do.

“Once we get free of the European Union completely, this will be to our advantage.

“Whether it’s how we deal with China, how we deal with the rest of the world, being a leader in promoting free trade.”

The former minister added: “All those things will happen after we’ve left, and Mr Barnier can do nothing about it.

“That’s unfortunate for him, but it will be good for Europe in the long-run.”

UK Chief Negotiator David Frost has accused Mr Barnier of acting as a referee rather than a player on the field during negotiations.

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The EU official accused Britain of cherry-picking and warned that the country shouldn’t remain a hub for financial and legal services.

Mr Davis said: “The simple truth is that he thinks Europe can dictate to us what position we’ll fill in the world economy.

“They can’t and they won’t be allowed to.

“Our advantage as a financial centre doesn’t come from proximity to Europe.

“It comes from the fact that we’re good at it, and we offer some of the best deals in the world.”

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