Evil serial killer sucked corpses blood in morgues then turned to alive victims

When a witness spotted a shadowy figure kissing a corpse in a Bavarian cemetery during the middle of the night, they couldn't have expected it would be the 'Vampire of Nuremberg' – and that his crimes went far beyond trespassing.

Graveyard attendant George Warmuth couldn't have known that – and probably wouldn't have wanted to, either.

Kuno Hofmann was a deaf and mute farm worker whose ability to speak was beaten out of him by his alcoholic father in childhood.

Having already spent nine years in prison for theft and nine years in a psychiatric facility, Hofmann was a damaged man.

But no traumas can explain the twisted acts the serial killer carried out in West Germany during the early-1970s, which included two murders and some of the most revolting crimes ever committed.

His chilling story was recounted on a recent episode of true crime podcast Casefile.

It revealed how Hofmann's grisly satanism led him to drink the blood of dozens of corpses throughout the south German city.

He believed in dark magic and vampirism, also committing necrophilia on the corpses of women he was attracted to.

After reading death notices in newspapers he tracked down the most recently deceased, preferring morgues so he could drink the bodies' blood while it was still "fresh".

When that failed, he went to cemeteries and dug up corpses instead.

But when his sick desire for the most raw human flesh was still unsatisfied, he took his taste toward the living.

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Hofmann killed 24-year-old Markus Adler and his fiancee Ruth Lissy, 18, in their car.

After drinking their blood from the wounds he had sex with Ruth's corpse.

The Vampire of Nuremberg killed another and drank their blood, though little is known of Hofmann's third victim.

He would have scandalised many more if he hadn't been spotted kissing the corpse in 1972.

Police were alerted to his activities and arrested him.

At this point he confessed to all of his crimes, explaining it was simply his religious beliefs and personal fetish which drove him to commit such obscene acts.

The Vampire's graveyard intrusions have been traced to at least 35 victims, with evidence of penetration of female corpses too.

He snuck in to cemeteries by copying the keys of graveyards – giving him access to dead bodies all over town.

It's not clear why he so readily admitted to his crimes.

But we know he did ask fellow prisoners whether they had access to virgins' blood before he was sent off to another asylum in 1972.

He spent the rest of his life there.

But the Vampire of Nuremberg would be immortalised by his infamous nickname, which has inspired true crime fans the world over for half a century.

Hofmann never had an appetite for notoriety – but his crimes are all he is now.

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