Fierce Arctic blast to send temperatures plummeting with La Nina weather event

The UK looks set to be battered by a freezing Arctic blast in the coming days and weeks as we suffer the effects of La Nina.

La Nina – a climate pattern where cooler sea temperatures cause the mercury to take a dive inland – is "currently developing" along the equator in the Pacific Ocean, according to the BBC forecast.

Although this is occurring far from the UK, La Nina establishes massive cold weather patterns in North America which get carried over here on fierce cold winds.

La Nina doesn't happen every year but means that November temperatures this year are going to be far lower than usual.

Starting with the rest of this week, the BBC forecast says that "northerly winds will usher in a burst of below normal temperatures" for most of the country.

Northern and eastern regions can expect to see continuous downpours of rain across the latter part of this week as low-pressure systems establish themselves.

Although the south will remain largely dry, a "potent low-pressure system" passing between Scotland and Iceland will see both Scotland and Northern Ireland bombarded by wet conditions and increased winds.

According to the Met Office, temperatures today will struggle everywhere with highs of 10C or 11C in southern England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Midlands, northern England, and Scotland will hover at around 8C to 9C.

As we hit next week going into mid-November, the BBC predicts that wet weather and breeze will continue, especially in northern and western regions.

A cold front is likely to move in with the possibility of "the trough of low pressure in Scandinavia to extend southward" across the country. This would lead to "colder northerly winds to become more entrenched across the UK", especially towards the middle of the month.

As for late November, "we should see an overall colder pattern" as we being to feel the full impact of La Nina.

High pressure near Greenland is expected to blast us with icy winds which, coupled with low-pressure systems here causing significant downpours, means that the picture going forward is rather gloomy.

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