Gang stab man to death with ‘zombie’ sword outside off-license in front of girl

This is the terrifying moment a gang stabbed a man to death in front of a young girl just outside an off-licence shop.

Joshua White, 29, was fleeing from the gang members when he accidentally pushed over a six-year-old, who was riding on roller skates, at Hackney, east London, on April 26, 2019.

CCTV outside the shop captured Joshua running in terror to seek refuge in the shop on Frampton Park Road.

He bumped into the girl and they both fell over on the ground.

Joshua briefly paused to check she was okay before getting to his feet. But as he reached the door of the shop he was caught by the trio and was stabbed multiple times in the back with a 2ft long red-tinted zombie sword.

He collapsed inside the shop and despite the efforts of the emergency services who rushed to the scene, he died in hospital later that day.

The attackers, seen carrying knives and swords and wearing balaclavas, were later identified as Theo Momodu, 18, and Taylar Isaac, 20 and David Kerrigan, 20.

They fled the scene in a stolen SUV and later crashed after police officers spotted the unmarked vehicle.

The court heard how a text message sent to Momodu from a person believed to be in prison urged him and other members of his gang to "ride out" and attack people as a demonstration of loyalty.

Detective Sergeant Andy Sheppard, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, believed Joshua was targeted at random.

"He was chased in broad daylight and savagely stabbed just yards from an innocent six-year-old girl," he said.

"There is no place for this sort of mindless brutality on the streets of London.

"Young men caught up in this way of life may think they are proving themselves and building a reputation, but in reality they are just cutting short their own lives and the lives of others."

The three men were found guilty of murdering Joshua after a trial at the Old Bailey that concluded on Friday, April 16.

Sentencing will take place at the same court on a date to be determined.

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