Gary Glitter had £15k NHS operation and took shine to disgusted female nurse

Pop paedo Gary Glitter took £15,000 in taxpayer money by getting a fast-tracked knee operation that Brits usually have to wait up to four months for.

Staff at Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, were told not to mention Glitter's crimes or to treat him differently than other patients when he was taken from HMP The Verne in Dorset, it's been reported.

An anonymous source told the The Sun that the operation was “by no means” an emergency, adding: “Quite a lot of people want knee operations who can’t have them.”

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Despite being one of the UK’s most notorious paedophiles, he seemed to be in a cheery mood and tried to banter with nurses at the hospital: “Glitter also joked about how the ‘service’ in the hospital was better than it was in prison. He spent most of his time sitting up in bed, chatting or reading books."

The source added: “No-one could believe the treatment he was getting and he seemed to revel in the attention.

“While he was there, Glitter was very chatty and cheerful — and over-friendly. He asked quite a lot of questions about the staff, especially the younger female ones”, they said.

The operation was booked under his real name, Paul Gadd, according to the anonymous source.

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Disturbingly, they added that he “took a shine” to a young, attractive female nurse and made her “feel sick”.

“There was no shred of remorse about what he had done.”

The former rocker was convicted and jailed in 2015 for several historic sex attacks.

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He horrifically abused two girls, aged 12 and 13, after inviting them backstage to his dressing room after a gig.

Glitter also crept into the bed of a third victim – aged under 10 – in an attempt to rape her in 1975.

Despite his terrible crimes, Glitter was freed halfway through a 16-year sentence before being recalled this week.


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