Geronimos owner wont get to bury alpaca as body snatchers wont give ashes

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The grieving owner of Geronimo the alpaca fears she will never get to bury her pet.

Farmer Helen Macdonald revealed Government officials are refusing to hand over his remains.

She told the Daily Star Sunday the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) insisted on keeping the body over the TB infection claims.

She said: “They will never give bodies back to owners or farmers where they suspect disease. It was never going to be an option for Geronimo to come home.

“They incinerated the ‘carcass’ as they referred to him. They wanted me to arrange for him to be put to death so they could say I consented.

“They told me to tell them when he was dead so they could collect the ‘carcass’.”

Now she will not even get the ashes back.

Veterinary nurse Helen fears Geronimo may have been accidentally throttled by officials from Defra.

She said: “I believe he was suffocated and strangled in the horse trailer and they have not provided video footage to the contrary.”

Helen insists the eight-year-old pet should have been taken from her Gloucestershire farm in a head collar – and not with a rope around his neck.

She lodged a complaint with The British Alpaca Society who then sent it on to Boris Johnson, the Environment Secretary George Eustice and Defra.

It said: “The lack of knowledge as to the correct way to handle alpacas was startling and totally inexcusable, dragging him kicking and screaming on to a trailer then tying him up with a poorly fitted cattle halter. Geronimo was seen gasping for air… tied up like a horse.

“If Geronimo arrived at his final destination still alive and not strangled or suffocated, how can we be sure he was humanely euthanised?”

Almost 150,000 Brits signed an online petition to save Geronimo’s life after Helen insisted the two positive tests for TB were faulty.

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