Gigantic shark swims just feet away from beachgoers like scene from Jaws

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This is the heart-stopping moment a huge shark swam just feet away the coast of a popular beach in Ireland.

The footage, taken in Keem Bay on County Mayo’s Achill Island, shows a basking shark’s huge fins emerging from the water just feet from kids.

“Oh my God,” one can be heard screaming as it slowly swims past.

As the creature gets closer to the shore, another set appear behind it sparking yet more amazement from those watching.

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While basking sharks only feed on plankton and bear no danger to humans, their sheer size often sparks panic when they get close.

They are the second-largest living shark and can typically reach lengths of 7.9 metres as adults.

Video of the awesome encounter, which occurred on July 15, was initially posted to TikTok before being shared to Twitter by Alan O’Neill, where it has already amassed more than 173,800 views.

“This is like a scene from Jaws,” he wrote in the caption.

And viewers were similarly terrified at what they were watching.

Many, who did not realise basking sharks were harmless, feared for the safety of the children.

“Why are there still children in the water?” one asked. “Or should I ask why there are still snack sized humans in the water? FFS!”

Another commented: “This is an unpredictable situation regardless of if it looks harmless. Get the hell out of the water.”

But several others pointed out the locals knew that they were safe to remain in the water.

It is not the first time footage of gigantic basking sharks have gone viral.

Back in May, one sighting even sparked bonkers claims that the ancient megalodon shark was still alive after one of the beasts was spotted lurking near a cruise ship.

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