Girl abused by mum and forced to become sex slave for twisted stepdad

Two adults face lengthy jail sentences after a young girl was repeatedly drugged and raped.

The girl's mum has been jailed for 12 years, six months, while her stepdad faces 17 years behind bars for their horrific abuse of the girl – which is thought to have gone on for six years.

A New Zealand court heard the unnamed girl became a sexual "slave" after she was initially groomed by her mum in 2014, when she was just eight, with her mother encouraging her to engage in "playtime" and "cuddles" sessions – and showed the youngster how to make her stepdad's penis erect.

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As time went on the girl was repeatedly raped by her stepdad, sexually violated with a device by her mum and forced to perform oral sex on both, the court heard.

The abuse sessions often lasted an hour and were recorded on video, and the girl was sometimes dressed in lingerie and had explicit messages written on her body for photos.

The little girl also had a collar and leash attached to her neck and was made to call her stepdad "master".

Police raided the couple's home, discovering a shocking 14 hours of video footage and 91 still images capturing the horrific abuse.

The court heard the harrowing abuse had had a severe impact on the girl's day-to-day life, with the young teen now nervous to talk to men as they "represent violence".

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However, the girl claimed in a postscript that she still "loves" and "supports" her mother and believed she was also a victim at the hands of her stepdad.

"I love my mother, and I will support her in her journey," she said in court.

"But that man does not even deserve my presence today."

She added: "You abused your power as a parent… You broke me, abused me and raped me. I should have been your little girl."

The couple then faced eight counts of rape, five counts of sexual conduct with a child outside New Zealand, 16 counts of making an objectionable publication, 15 counts of sexual violation and two counts of possession of objectionable material.

In addition to these charges, the pair faced eight counts of administering methamphetamine to the child.

High Court Justice David Kendall said the abuse was "the most serious of all sexual violation cases", adding that the daughter's testimony was "chilling and harrowing".

He confirmed the abuse was "highly premeditated" and noted that the couple had preyed on a victim who could not escape.

Justice Kendall also acknowledged the girl's mum was "highly traumatised" and conceded she may not have abused her little girl if her partner hadn't also been around.

The mum's lawyer Simon Hewson said his client had accepted that her behaviour had damaged her child.

Defending the girl's stepfather, Paul Murray said the court should consider his client's history of being sexually abused by a male relative, which led to a life of drug abuse and sexual deviance.

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