Golden retriever pup’s excitable reaction compared to a shark in cute video

Golden Retriever puppy excitedly bites his owners arm

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English cream golden retriever Louie loves to greet his owner with a soft clamp of the jaws on her arm, unable to contain his excitement at seeing her. The video, which was posted by TikTok user @louiethecream, was a huge hit on the app, with almost 50,000 likes and over 250,000 views.

The words on screen explain that this is something the puppy does only when he is ecstatic about seeing someone.

The excitement is written on Louie’s face, as well as his tail wagging enthusiastically while he is led around, still clamped on to his owner’s arm.

The goldie’s owner confessed in the caption that his baby teeth do hurt a bit, but that she doesn’t even care as he is so cute.

Viewers could apparently relate to the move, with one commenting: “My golden would do this, and walk us over to a couch and make us sit so he could wiggle on us.”

Another wrote: “Mine still does this as an adult. We’ve upgraded from baby shark to piranha mode.”

A third added: “Louie please take off my arm.”

Golden retrievers have proven one of the more popular breeds on TikTok, with a total of over 14 billion views on the video sharing platform.

Another golden retriever, Hank, also received plenty of attention after a video of him as the dog of honour at a wedding was uploaded.

Hank turned up looking incredibly dapper, with a waistcoat, sunglasses and a bowtie ensuring nobody could ignore his presence.

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The goldie even had his own cocktail at the wedding, and downed his glass of water in record time, joining in with the guests.

Another golden retriever who has recently had success on the app was Mango, whose puppy dog eyes stole the hearts of viewers.

Unfortunately for Mango, her vet ordered her onto a diet, something she was blissfully unaware of until her owner began to plate up dinner.

As soon as the poor pup realised what was happening she made sure to turn on the charm and give her owner a desperate look for more.

Golden retrievers are described as ‘kind, friendly and confident’ by the Kennel Club, and are known for being intelligent and affectionate family dogs.

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