Golden retriever throws a tantrum after spotting owner taking toy dog for a walk

This is the hilarious moment an overdramatic dog throws a furious strop after seeing his owner take a toy dog for a walk.

Owner Xiaoxiao, from Suzhou, west of Shanghai in east China, wanted to see what her golden retriever Carlo's reaction would be by pretending to leave him at home – and she wasn't disappointed.

She shared the clip on video-sharing app Douyin after noticing Carlo getting frustrated at home.

In the clip, she takes out the leash and places it on a miniature golden retriever soft toy.

Longing for a walk outside the house, the eight-year-old pooch even brings his favourite toy shark along.

When Xiaoxiao leaves the house with the toy dog and a Bichon Frise, Carlo looks stunned and drops his toy to the floor.

The poor pooch pauses for a second and picks up the toy, shaking it furiously side to side before leaving it on the floor again.

He then looks back to the door, hoping his owner will return and take him out.

The furry boy then runs to the window to check on Xiaoxiao and sprints across the living room to the door.

Carlo barks at the door as if to remind her that she has left him behind.

The owner wrote: "Look how frustrated he is! It's fun to prank him but I feel sad now!"

The clip has amassed a huge number of comments after it was posted.

One dog owner said: "Your golden retriever is so smart, he knows to look for you by the window. Mine doesn't seem to care much."

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  • Another wrote: "He must hate that golden retriever toy so much now."

    "The way he shakes the shark," a third added. "Carlo is too cute!"

    This comes after another golden retriever playing dead in a pool of fruit juice.

    Coco's owner nearly had a heart attack when he came back home to find her lying motionlessly on the floor with "blood stain" covering her head.

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