Grandparents stop girl going outside by chaining her and beating her with sticks

An 11-year-old was girl was chained up and beaten with a stick by her grandparents in order to keep her from going outside.

The grandparents, who hail from the Buriram province, northeast Thailand, admitted to the startling accusation after a video showing the girl with chains on her legs was posted on across social media by a local man.

The video quickly caught the attention of Buriram social services as well as Lam Plai Mat Police Station, with officers from both organisations making their way to the grandparents' home where they found the poor child chained up to a pole.

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Following the arrival of social services and police, the 11-year-old, known as "A", told the authorities that her grandmother and grandfather, who raised her since she was young, would regularly chain her up and beat her with a stick when she would want to leave the house to be with her friends.

A told police that her grandparents have strangled her in the past and threatened to bring red ants to bite her should she take off the chains they placed on her and leave the house.

She also told the police about the fear and pain that she was in with her grandparents admitting that they used to chain her up but claimed they did it for her safety.

The couple told police that A would continuously run away from home and sometimes in the dark, which according to the couple meant they "had to chain her".

The drastic measures that the grandparents have taken with A come from their granddaughter allegedly being raped by a 45-year-old man named "Love".

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According to the couple, the man lured her by taking her to buy sweets before he raped her and the fear of that happening was so intense to the grandparents that they resorted to chaining A's legs to a pole to stop her from leaving the house when they weren't in.

Chor Wanitklang, a local roast chicken merchant, told police he had witnessed A being punished and chained up by her grandparents many times due to her stubbornness and the fact she "does not obey them", he said.

Chor spoke of his reluctance to get involved in the situation due to it being a family affair but said he could no longer stand aside when he saw A chained up as he subsequently asked his son to take a video of A and post it on social media.

Social services said they will make sure A is no longer treated like this as Chor said, no child should be treated this violently, regardless of whether they're naughty or not.


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