Grim animal sex Facebook page shutdown after pervert confesses to molesting dog

A dog-molesting creep has been slammed by PETA and had his sickening Facebook page deleted.

An anonymous self-proclaimed 'zoophile' tried creating a community online for like-minded weirdos who believe humans can have consensual, sexual relationships with their pets.

Introducing the group on Facebook, he described it as being for "people that could literally enter a faithful and dedicated partnership or marriage with an animal, typically a dog or horse but definitely not limited to that".

But nearly two years since insisting his dog enjoys being molested by him, the social media giant has shut the 'Zoophile Acceptance' page which worryingly had 156 members.

According to this apparent subculture, it is not a case of any animal will do, and sex is far from the be all and end all in the relationship.

"The animal would need to be capable of showing undeniable love as well as be large enough for sexual interaction if that is even important whatsoever to the individual in question," the disturbing revelation continued.

"We see them as equals and deserving the best that can be provided, as well as respect, loyalty, devotion, and most importantly we are genuinely attracted."

Unlike other zoophiles, the writer claims that animals and more specifically dogs and horses are not just a fetish but the only beings they are attracted to.

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The zoophile said: "For example I am a dog lover, my dog is the centre of my world believe it or not but I don’t have sex with her despite everything, first off we inherently, explicitly and unanimously require, (like any mentally healthy individual would), consent.

"Now I love my dog and due to that I have not tried to have sexual intercourse with her, I do other things…"

International animal charity PETA wholeheartedly rejects the suggestion that animals can consent to sex let alone the idea that it is not abusive.

Vice President Mimi Bekhechi told the Daily Star: "Consensual sex is always between people who enter into it willingly, which can never be the case when another animal is involved, just as it can never be the case with a human child.

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"Having sexual contact with a dog is an assault on a trusting individual. It leaves animals unsure of their relationship with humans as well as confused, distressed, and – if there’s penetration – likely with internal injuries, which can sometimes be fatal."

Ms Beckhechi continued: "As with child sexual abuse, bestiality is illegal for good reason. Engaging in it shows a frightening lack of self-control, causes harm to its victims, and is often an indicator of other serious behavioural problems that need urgent attention.

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"Studies show that people who molest animals are likely to commit sex crimes against other unwilling victims. PETA urges authorities to pursue all sexual predators who use animals as if they were sex toys rather than living, feeling beings who experience fear, distress, confusion, and pain.

After the Daily Star approached Facebook about the page, a spokesperson replied: "We have removed the Page brought to our attention for violating our guidelines."

Despite the zoophile claiming to stop short of romping his pet, his various other actions which are too vile to quote are undoubtedly classed by UK law as animal abuse.

Worryingly the pervert's sentiment appeared to be echoed by other social media users who were last active on the page in January 2020.

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