Gross videos show Subway worker walking on food and drinking out of bottles

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A series of shocking videos show a Subway worker throwing food on the flood, scattering sandwich ingredients on the bathroom floor and drinking out of bottles before putting them back.

Jumanne – also known as Jumanne Way – posted the series of videos, shot in Providence, Rhode Island, to YouTube, with one posted just last week showing the employee throwing trays of bread on the floor and walking across them.

In other videos, the controversial content creator also emptied silver tubs of tomatoes, lettuce and deli meat onto the ground and all over the restaurant's bathroom.

He said the food would be "going in the garbage anyways".

"I create controversial videos to be able to potentially monetise my audience on YouTube and other social media platforms," Jumanne told

He continued: "I just reached a point where I decided I would be willing to take a higher risk for a higher reward," referring to the money he would potentially make from his viral videos.

Jumanne added: "There's a lot of consequences within creating controversy but I accept whatever happens."

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In another video titled Behind The Scenes: JumanneWay Quits, he filmed himself wreaking havoc at the end of his shift.

He can be heard saying: "Now, I'm just going to take all of this and I'm going to toss it on the ground.

"All of the food – I'm going to basically just vandalise it and then I'm going to go in the drawer and I'm going to take the money, put it in my pocket."

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Jumanne can then be seen removing the cash from the till and doing exactly that.

He told that he didn't start making the videos until he handed in his two weeks' notice. Over the course of two years, he had worked at three different locations – but left his job with the sandwich chain earlier this week.

"The owner called me and was obviously feeling angry and disrespected," he said.

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"He basically asked why I did it but I didn't give him much of a response."

Jumanne added that $200 (£145) was taken out of his pay as a result of his antics.

In another stomach-churning video, he can be seen sipping from bottles of the soft drink Gatorade before putting them back.

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He then addressed the viewers by speaking to the camera, saying that he "cleaned everything" and stayed behind at the restaurant over two hours longer than what he needed to because he had "a lot to think about".

He continued: "I'm trying to figure out what's my next move.

"Once I do this video I have 30 controversial videos. I thought I was going to do 100. Honestly I'm done. I'm not even sure if I want to do 50.

"I'm just really getting tired of doing these videos. I'm actually scared to upload them, to be honest with you," he added.

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