Group of men from Liverpool break into empty house to search for Nicola Bulley

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    A group of men from Liverpool have been given a warning by police after turning up at an abandoned house to search for missing mum Nicola Bulley.

    Nicola, 45, was walking her dog when she went missing on Friday, January 27, near the River Wyre in Lancashire.

    She had dropped her children off at school that morning before taking the family dog, Willow, on a walk.

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    The mum, whose phone was found at the scene of her disappearance and logged into a work conference on Teams, is believed to have approached the river.

    Expert diving teams were called in by Lancashire Police on Sunday (February 5), run by forensics expert Peter Faulding and his Specialist Group International, to search the riverbed – but his team has now declared that they cannot find her in the river.

    Their search ended without finding her, but a group of scousers decided to take matters into their own hands and search an abandoned house on the other side of the river.

    It came just 24 hours after Lancashire Police's Superintendent Sally Riley told people not to do so because it would be counted as an act of criminal damage.

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    But undeterred, the group did so – and police stopped them.

    They were issued with a dispersal order for their troubles, after Nicola's friend urging police to search it.

    Tilly Ann wrote on Facebook: “The abandoned house and outbuildings etc have not yet been searched as it is not currently a crime investigation!"

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    However, Lancashire Police said: “Our enquiries now focus on the river path which leads from the fields back to Garstang Road.

    “For that we need drivers and cyclists who travelled that way on the morning of January 27 to make contact.

    “We have already done a lot of work around this, but every piece of footage helps us build up a picture of movements on that morning."

    The investigation continues.

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