Harrys book will explain why Palace treachery took place claims Dianas pal

Prince Harry is likely to reveal his problems with the Royal Family and also why treachery took place, said a friend of Diana, who feels he has a similar desire to speak out publicly as the princess.

Diana also lifted the lid on royal life and would have written her autobiography at some point, said her voice coach Stewart Pearce.

Harry has been critical of the Windsors in a succession of interviews he has given to the US media since he moved with his family to California last year.

It was then announced last week that he is already writing his memoirs which will be published next year by Penguin Random House.

Stewart, 68, said that Harry shares his mum’s “impetuosity” and fearless desire for freedom.

He said how Diana talked openly about her marital problems during the Panorama interview with Martin Bashir and she was trying to change the Royal Family.

He told The Sun: “Diana's life and purpose were committed to complete transparency, and so I'm sure she would have written her autobiography full of all the many things she learned from her experiences within the Royal Family, and beyond."

He also believes that Harry is now going further in that he is not just saying what has happened but also why it took place.

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Stewart said: “What Harry is doing is going on a stage further and not just revealing what took place, but providing causative information about why treachery took place.”

Harry and Meghan Markle gave a bombshell interview to Oprah Winfrey where he said that he needed to break the chain and bring his family up in a different environment.

While Stewart revealed that Diana had also been given the opportunity to speak to Oprah.

“She was receiving offers left, right, and centre, and indeed one of them was proposed through Oprah’s office,” he said, adding that “absolutely and unquestionably” Diana was also ready to write a memoir.

He feels that Harry’s Oprah chat can compare with Diana’s interview with Bashir.

“During the Martin Bashir interview she said she won't go quietly, ‘I will fight to the end because I believe I have a role to fulfill’, he said, adding: “Which suggests the public disclosure of treachery, perfidy and dishonesty.”

Many royal pundits are fearful of the repercussions that more criticism will have on the Royal Family and whether Harry has already said enough, but Stewart believes that the book will have a positive effect on him mentally.

He thinks that the bulk of the book will be about his experiences as a 12-year-old when his mother died in 1997 and then the future split from the Royal Family.

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