Heli crew shouted stop stop at Brit tourist just before he was killed by rotor

A helicopter ground crew screamed "stop, stop" seconds before a British tourist was killed by one of the aircraft's propellers.

Greek police have released details about the harrowing final moments of Jack Fenton, before his death in Athens.

Athens accident investigation chief, Ioannis Kondylis said that ground crew had attempted to warn the 22-year-old as he unexpectedly returned to the aircraft, having not long returned with his siblings from the island of Mykonos.

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"When one of the ground staff saw him walking towards the helicopter he shouted loudly in English 'stop, stop, stop' but he didn't listen," he said.

"The ground staff's voices were also heard by the captain who was inside the helicopter and was wearing headphones," added Mr Kondylis.

"So they shouted out loud.

“The young man, according to the statements, had exited through the right door and did not head back to his seat.

"He went under the tail section of the helicopter and ended up on the left side where he was hit by the rotor, which at the speed it was turning was not visible.”

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Mr Kondylis said that "all the regulations stipulated by the helicopter's manual were observed", but it is "unknown" why Jack returned to the helicopter minutes after disembarking.

Speaking to local media, he said: "From the testimonies we have collected, it does not appear from anywhere that the young man wanted to take a selfie.

"What is reported is that the 22-year-old was holding a mobile phone and had it to his ear, but it has not yet been clarified whether he was talking.”

"We have taken statements from both the pilot and the two ground staff.

"These are testimonies that must then be cross-referenced."

Jack's heartbroken mum Victoria previously said her son, from Kent, had exited the helicopter safely after it landed but went behind it and was killed instantly by the rear propeller.

After his death, James Thomas, headmaster of Sutton Valence School, said: "Our school was very sad to hear the tragic news about Jack this morning.

"He was a very popular member of the community, and we have sent our condolences to the family.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the incident."


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