Hero family with legend son saves terrified teens as theyre mauled by a shark

A heroic family have described the moment they saved two teenagers from a savage shark attack yesterday evening.

Peter and Dianne Hobbs were with their children James and Ella when they noticed a girl and boy struggling in the water at the Ocean Grove beach, close to Melbourne, Australia.

Mr Hobbs was giving Ella a surf lesson when they heard the panic-stricken teens cry for help nearby as they looked in distress in the water, reports The Sun.

The dad explained the teenagers' ordeal on Facebook, writing: “We could see them splashing but didn’t know what was happening.

“We didn’t see the shark, just the splash, but we heard the cries and our family mobilised.”

The dad went on to say his family were in the "right place at the right" as his "legend son" paddled out to help while a stranger also swam over to assist.

It was reported that the girl has a large bite mark on the lower part of her right leg and also had one on her hand, while the boy suffered from a bite mark on his lower back.

Fortunately for the teens, Mrs Hobbs, a former trauma nurse, was able to compress the girl's leg with a bandage and managed their bleeding by using towels.

During this time, their daughter Ella brought in their boards and her dad alerted emergency services by phoning 000.

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Mr Hobbs added: "The teens were obviously shocked but taken to hospital.

"The irony was Ella wanted to learn to surf tonight and had always been reluctant to because of sharks.

"We'll have to get her back in the water again soon."

It has been reported that the shark was situated within 500 metres of Ocean Grove beach when the attack happened.

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VicEmergency issued a “Dangerous Animal” alert and urged locals to stay away from the sea.

The alert reads: “If you see the shark report the sighting.

“Always swim, dive or surf with a friend.

“Swim between the red and yellow flags on patrolled beaches.

“Don’t swim in places where human or animal waste enters the water.

“Keep away from large schools of fish, seals or other wildlife as these can attract sharks.

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