Horror as millions of beetles in Biblical style plague invade cars and drains

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A strong plague made up of millions of beetles has descended onto the town of Santa Isabel in Argentina, causing havoc and damaging buildings and property.

Locals in the town have been forced to switch off its public lighting in an effort to get rid of the horrific infestations.

The nightmarish Bible-like plague has caused damage to the town's police station, homes, cars, and vehicles, as well as clogging up the drains at a petrol station.

The town's Deputy Mayor Cristian Echegaray said: " They’re everywhere – in the houses, in the shops.”

Called "cascarudos", the bugs have infested parks and gardens, and have been found hiding from the sun in dark holes in the roofing of people's homes too.

Cascarudos, while they don't sting or bite, are covered in a hard shell and often hit things when flying. As a result, residents have been advised to cover their faces when outside.

The bugs have been swarming to the small Argentinean town in the central province of La Pampa for over a week due to wild weather including heavy rain and a heatwave which saw the thermometer rise above 40 degrees Celsius.

The hot, muggy conditions have created the perfect environment for the beetles to reproduce en-masse and in addition to this, the town's lights have attracted adult beetles by the millions. Now residents are struggling to get rid of the revolting infestation.

In efforts to banish the beetles, the town has taken the extraordinary step to switch off its streetlights and public building lights.

Santa Isabel's lights have been switched off for at least three days, which has seen the bug population drop significantly.

RT reports some residents have been scooping the bugs up by the massive box-load and dumping them out of town as well.

This is not the first time Argentina has been faced with a biblical proportioned plague of insects.

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In 2016, the Mail Online reports an epic swarm of black bugs hit Argentina's beaches around Buenos Aires. Thought to be the Black Maize Beetles common to southern Africa, the cause of their arrival was unknown, although some theorised it was an "ominous warning of impending doom" or as a result of an earthquake.

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