House-hunters scrap dream home after spotting ‘disembodied legs’ on Google Maps

A house-hunter was put off a potential dream home after ghostly disembodied legs were spotted on the steps of the property in a photograph.

Sally Doherty found her perfect bungalow in Woking, Surrey, on Rightmove – and took to Google Maps to get a better look of the house and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Utilising the maps’ Street View function, 36-year-old author Sally was excited to virtually stroll the streets around the bungalow – but was first surprised to find the address when entered on the map took her to a barren landscape.

And her surprise soon turned to horror when the ghostly image of "two disembodied legs" appeared on her screen standing atop a wooden beam.

Sally spoke of her confusion about finding legs with no body while having her virtual walkabout.

She said: "Initially, I was completely freaked out. I think I had a sharp intake of breath. Then it was more of a 'What the…?' as I tried to work out what was going on.

"I mean, the Street View was supposed to be taking me to a house and suddenly… disembodied legs.”

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She went on to explain the image left her feeling spooked.

She said: ”I’m not really superstitious but I was put off the property a little in that it seemed to be quite isolated and in the middle of nowhere, and the Street View picture obviously didn't help.

"I'm guessing the legs belong to the person who was taking the Street View pictures? Maybe not, and we don't want to destroy the magic.

"I shared it to Twitter where a couple of writer friends said it would make a great story prompt.

"It could definitely be great inspiration for a future story, although I've just finished my first children's book Toby and the Silver Blood Witches."

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Taking to Twitter, Sally shared her surprising Street View finding with the world, writing: "When you're looking at Street View and then two disembodied legs pop up", leaving her followers equally bemused.

Followers were similar creeped out, with one writing: "Ohhhhhhh, that's really creepy!"

While another highlighted other odd blips that the online maps can cause, writing: "Street View near us has numerous copies of our postie. He's completely intact though."

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