Hungry rat scampers across busy road with McDonalds Big Mac burger in mouth

A determined rat was caught on video as it scampered across a busy road with the leftovers of a Big Mac.

In the clip, recorded by a lorry driver in Tankersley, South Yorkshire, and uploaded on TikTok, the crafty rodent has the whole McDonald's branded box between its teeth while it awkwardly drags it over the tarmac.

The critter has to navigate around cars as well as the lorry but safely makes it to the pavement and it hauls it over the curb.

It is heading for the bushes when a sudden threat makes it leap into the air and run and hide in the undergrowth.

Presumably, the rat managed to grab the burger and continue where it left off.

Trucker Chris who recorded the clip said the rat had stolen the burger from a crow that had been pecking at some fries.

Since he uploaded it in July, the clip has been "liked" more than 200,000 times and received thousands of comments.

One person joked: "Not ratatouille at it again."

"What the I'm dying of laughter a rat getting a McDonald's Big Mac," said a second user.

A third viewer said: "It's Templeton from Charlotte's Web!"

This comes after dead rats were recorded floating in waterlogged and filthy bins after a worker shared a disturbing video of the conditions they have to work in.

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And a man claimed he was being terrorised by rats that kept dragging rubbish from a nearby alleyway into his garden, including dirty nappies.

Meanwhile, a mum taking a stroll in a London park said she thought she was going to be sick when a "sea" of hundreds of rats allegedly climbed all over her.

Susan Treftub said she was left with bruises and felt "helpless" after the ordeal and said she worried for the safety of children.

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