Idaho Springs police officer charged with assault is fired by the department.

An Idaho Springs police officer charged with assault for using a Taser on an unarmed 75-year-old man has been fired by the department.

Nicholas Hanning has been charged with third-degree assault of an at-risk adult for the May 30 incident. The victim, Michael Clark, remained hospitalized this week after suffering heart complications and a stroke.

Hanning had worked for the department for three years, according to a police news release. He had no prior complaints for excessive force. He previously worked for the Park County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Idaho Springs Police Department took immediate and decisive action by requesting that an outside agency perform a criminal investigation into the incident,” said Chief Buseck, in the release. “The actions of former Officer Hanning are not reflective of the culture of our organization. ISPD is an agency that takes great pride in how we interact with our citizens and this incident was not acceptable.“

Clark also suffered a burst appendix and needed surgery on his neck. If convicted, Hanning could face from one year to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. His next court hearing is scheduled on Aug. 24.


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