Increase in UFO sightings expected in wake of US shooting down mystery objects

UFO investigators are braced for a barrage of sightings after four mystery objects were shot down in the US and Canada.

Experts said millions of Brits are looking for ETs – and are likely to hit the police and Ministry of Defence with reports of everything from stars to satellites.

Researcher Joe McGonagle said: “I’d expect a rash of UFO reports from people who don’t normally look at the sky suddenly looking at the sky and seeing things they don’t recognise, and reporting them.”

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He said: “There are things which on the face of it can’t be explained immediately. But there’s still a thousand and one possibilities of what they could be, not just alien spaceships."

One of the craft downed by US fighters in recent days was believed to be a Chinese spy balloon, but a US Air Force General sparked a global frenzy when he said he hadn’t “ruled out” that the three other craft shot down could be linked to aliens.

Last night, the Ukrainian military said they had downed up to six Russian “spy balloons”.

It came as NATO jets were scrambled to investigate an unidentified object spotted floating over Romania.

Senators have called on US President Joe Biden to address the nation over the incidents.

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Republican Tommy Tuberville said: "President Biden needs to get up in front of the people of the United States and tell them what he knows and let’s get this thing over with.

"Get out there and tell the people we’re in good shape, we know what’s going on and let’s go on with our lives."

Fellow Republican Tom Cotton added: "Americans are worried, they are concerned, they are interested and they have a right to know why President Biden directed the actions he did over the past week."

Republican senator John Kennedy doubted the US would ever find debris from the three UFOs.


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