Indian government increases tiger attack compensation as fatal attacks rise

The Indian government has had to raise compensation pay-outs for victims of tiger attacks after a sharp rise in fatal attacks has swept the country.

One state, Uttarakhand, has seen three tiger attacks in just as many days, worrying government officials who are now tasked with reforming their tiger attack laws.

Current increases in pay-out relief have seen a hefty rise, with officials agreeing to an Rs lakh rise of four (£4,164) to five (£5,205) for fatal attacks.

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The increase for fatal attacks wasn't the only change the Indian government officials made, with a rise in incapacitation pay-outs also approved by the state government in Jaipur.

For those attacked by tigers and permanently incapacitated, the pay-out has risen from Rs lakh two (£2,082) to Rs lakh three (£3,123), marking another increase amid an uptick in tiger attacks.

Speaking on the financial increase, an official said: "Since the human-wildlife conflict is an unforeseen natural event and many families suffered in the past, the government passed an order raising the relief amount."

Even cattle losses have caused an increase in financial pay-outs, with the government set to offer 25,000 Rupees (£260) for the loss of a cow and 12,500 (£130) for goats and sheep.

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A government official spoke of the increase in cash pay-outs for the loss of livestock, saying: "It was the need of the hour as rates of cattle have increased and repeated hunting of domestic animals by big cats increases the threat of revenge killing."

Just days ago, Times of India reported three separate tiger attack incidents, with one 65-year-old woman mauled to death by a "reformed" tiger.

Another man, a labourer, was mauled to death while on a construction site road and a third, a 28-year-old forest watcher, was attacked in the same spot and reportedly in a critical condition in hospital.


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