Influencer risks jail after opening OnlyFans urging fans to simp for me

A high-profile influencer from Singapore has opened an OnlyFans so fans can ''simp for her' despite the very real risk of her being prosecuted and sent to jail for it.

Mum of two Tammy Tay, 30, is one of the country's most popular models and has previously tried to sell her hundred thousand followers NFT's on Instagram.

Announcing her channel to her fans yesterday (July 21), Tammy bragged: "Taking it to the next level for the simps."

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On her official channel, which promises NSFW content (nudes), she wrote: "Simp for me. Let me be your internet gf."

Singapore has extremely strict laws regarding pornography and public decency and it remains to be seen if Tammy's new business will fall foul of them.

According to Singaporelegal, "residents are prohibited from posting sexual content on the website as such content is generally considered “obscene” in Singapore, such that the posting of it constitutes an offence.

"If you do so, you may be jailed for up to 2 years and/or be fined a maximum of $40,000 for a first offence."

However, in an Instagram video to her concerned followers, Tammy asserted she knew the risks.

She said: "I understand what the platform is for and what most people use the platform for, however it doesn't have to just be that.

She then claimed that her followers would see "pretty lingerie pictures that you don't get to see on Instagram".

And the bombshell appears to be revelling in the creative joy of her first batch of uploads.

She told her eager followers she'd already been hard at work and teased their trigger-happy thumbs with news she'd just booked out a hotel room.

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She said: ""I never had a reason to go and book a hotel, get a photographer and then just confidently pose," she said.

"But now I actually have a reason, so it makes me happy that I can do that."

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