Influencer’s horror as breast implant ruptures after being stamped on in brawl

A huge brawl between a group of influencers outside a restaurant led to one rupturing her silicone breast implant after she was stamped on.

Footage taken outside an upmarket eatery in the Brazilian city of Manaus shows three sisters surrounding Tamara Santos.

Restaurant staff desperately try to separate them but to no avail and, at one point, one of the woman is seen appearing to stamp on Tamara.

The shocking incident took place last Friday (September 15) and, according to local news outlet Amazona News, resulted in the woman damaging her boob implant.

The sisters who confronted her have been named as sisters Mariana, Kalianny and Luciana Barroso.

It is not clear exactly what sparked the fight, which also featured hair pulling and eye-poking.

Amazona News claimed it revolved around a man who was at the restaurant at the time.

Tamara, who has nearly 8,000 followers on Instagram, claimed the sisters broke her mobile phone in addition to giving her physical injuries.

She also told Dia a Dia Noticia: "God knows what would have happened if people hadn't got involved in the fight. I wouldn't even be alive because they kicked me so much."

Ruptured silicone breast implants are known to cause breast pain including soreness and swelling.

Additional scar tissue can form and the size or shape of the breast can change as well.

It comes after a woman warned about breast implants after her new boobs gave her depression and palpitations.

Safia Berrada, 27, said: “I had anxiety, extreme fatigue, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, vertigo, fever, chills, muscle weakness, temperature intolerance and sensitivity to light.

“I also experienced hair loss, a choking feeling, ringing in my ears, decreased libido, mood swings, sharp pains in my breasts, inflammation, weight gain, heart palpitations and night sweats.”

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