Inside filthy home where evil couple abused slave and scalded with boiling water

Chilling pictures of a grim bedroom where an Indian grandmother was forced to work as a slave on just one hour's sleep each night have been released for the first time.

Evil married couple Kandasamy and Kumuthini Kannan were found guilty in April of intentionally possessing and using the vulnerable old lady for eight years.

After emergency workers made the gruesome discovery of the victim lying in a pool of her own urine and weighing just 40kg, they raced her to hospital, reports MailOnline.

It was there that the hideous crimes were first exposed as it emerged the 67-year-old had been burnt with boiling hot water, beaten, and forced to cook and clean the Kannan’s Melbourne home for just three dollars a day.

Gut-wrenching images show the squalor which the grandmother was forced to live in – including old food and junk scattered around the bed and debris lying around the room.

Top police officer Jayne Crossling, who is in charge of the Australian Federal Police's Victorian Human Exploitation team, labelled the horrible case one of the "worst" examples of modern slavery she's come across.

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"She'd been laying on the floor for quite a period of time before finally she was taken to a hospital and admitted under a false name," she toldNews Corp.

Crossling went on: "She had untreated diabetes, she had gangrene in her feet … she had no teeth. There was evidence of beatings, of things being thrown at her, boiling water."

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She warned that although the case might seem to be a one-off that rarely occurs, it’s far more common than most people think and can "hide in plain sight" in the suburbs.

The victim was unable to escape the cruel capture from the Kannans as they had cut off her contact with family in India and stole her passport.

Initially, the evil couple successfully argued for years to keep their identities a secret – but it was overturned by officials.

Prosecutor Richard Maidment said: "It was crystal clear they wanted to import a true, tried and tested childcarer and domestic servant.

"(They knew) they could pay her next to nothing so they could continue to live and maintain a five-bedroom home, maintain their lifestyle… and also to afford family trips overseas pretty much every year and interstate also on a regular basis."

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Supreme Court of Victoria Justice John Champion earlier this month slammed ringleader Kumuthini to eight years in prison, with a non-parole period of just four years.

Her husband was sentenced to six years, with a non-parole period of three years.

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