Inverary, Ont. couple create teddy bear displays to spread cheer during coronavirus pandemic

A couple in Inverary, just north of Kingston, is doing their part to bring joy to children during the coronavirus pandemic.

The duo have created what they call the Inverary kids’ teddy bear hunt, which features an ever-changing display of their teddy bears doing different activities. If you’re driving on Round Lake Road near the village, don’t blink because you’ll miss it and that would be a shame.

“A friend of ours in Australia who’s a librarian started it and it’s a worldwide phenomenon actually, apparently people in P.E.I. are putting up teddy bears all over the Island,” said Anne Coward, the bear display co-creator and designer.

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“It’s based on a children’s book called Going on a Bear Hunt and the idea was that people could just put bears in their windows for people, kids going by on walks to give them something to look for.”

Since their house is well off the road, the couple’s bears have been put on their lawn. Each day there’s a different display, depending on the weather. So far they have come up with 25 different displays using their nearly 10 bears.

“It’s not much work to set them out — it’s a little bit of work and pressure to think about something different every day,” said Rick Hatton, the other half of the team. “But what makes it easier … is not to be too serious about it, just to be whimsical. They’re teddy bears, so it’s OK for them to be doing goofy things or have things that are maybe implausible situations but it’s for the kids.”

It’s a creative way to pass the time and add a little joy to the world in these difficult times.

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