Jealous stripper and boyfriend robbed £8k from fellow dancer showered with cash

An envious nightclub dancer and her boyfriend have been jailed after robbing a stripper colleague of thousands in tips she'd received from a wealthy client.

Gemma Lyons, 29, and beau Nicholas Proctor, 36, were each sentenced to years in prison on Tuesday for their violent theft of fellow dancer Mihaela Sasarman's small fortune, The Sun reported.

A wealthy client had showered cash on the skilful Sasarman amounting to roughly £8000 on January 30 2020, the prosecuting lawyer said.

Meanwhile all Lyons had been treated to that night in Maidenhead's Honeypot strip club were a few bottles of bubbly, the court heard.

It was then that Gemma and Nicholas decided to rob Mihaela of her well-earned cash, furiously grabbing it off her as she left work – but only after stalking her in Proctor's van.

Shocked Mihaela was unable to wrestle Nicholas off her and he escaped with the cash – but was caught on CCTV, which Thames Valley Police used to catch the criminals.

The poor dancer was left with a bruised eye and a head wound in the vicious 3am attack.

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Lyons was jailed for two years and Proctor for five.

Judge John Bate-Williams told the weeping thieves: "You two, in reality, in a graveyard quiet town centre, were the only real candidates.”

He added Proctor was a “well-built coward, with his “violent determination” to commit the offence “quite chilling”.

Mihaela has since left the UK for home country Romania because she felt unsafe.

She only returned for the trial and in a victim impact statement said she still thought about the violent ambush at night.

Sasarman told Reading Crown Court: "To find out a coworker was responsible shook me. I thought we would look out for each other and not prey on each other."

Defending lawyers pointed to Gemma's vulnerable mental health at the time of the theft – and Proctor's regret about his role in the crime.

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