Joe Biden blasted over Taliban advance – Afghanistan unravelled day US troops withdrew

Joe Biden blasted on Fox News as Taliban advance

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President Joe Biden’s Afghan policy has been heavily criticised by the Heritage Foundation Vice President for National Security James Carafano for sparking a “human catastrophe.” A string of regional capitals in Afghanistan have fallen to Taliban forces this week as the central government in Kabul struggles to hold onto large swathes of territory. Mr Carafano told Fox News the security of the war-torn country had “unraveled” the day US troops began to leave.

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“Because it was not 2500 per se, it was that 2500 scared the hell out of the Taliban and they knew if they violated all of the agreements that they made, that the US still had the capacity and the will to strike back.

“Biden took that off the table and ever since then chaos has erupted.

“So we can all argue about ending endless wars and everything else but narratives can’t stop a bullet.

“The reality is he made a choice and that choice is resulting in a human catastrophe.”

Afghanistan: Kabul likely to fall to Taliban says Dr Afzal Ashraf

It comes as Dr Afzal Ashraf, a regional expert from the University of Nottingham gave Sky News a grim appraisal of the current situation in the war-torn country.

Dr Ashraf told Sky News on Sunday: “I think there will come a time sadly when the writing will be on the wall.

“And people will decide in Kabul that it is better to give up rather than to fight to what will be a disastrous end for everybody concerned.”

Sky’s Alex Rossi pressed the expert: “The way you are talking it is not a question of if, it is just a question of when.

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“It seems there is an air of inevitability that Afghanistan established under the international forces and the United States will fall.”

Dr Ashraf replied: “Yes I think sadly that is correct given the situation as we speak.”

The comments came as Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood has warned the UK’s abandonment of Afghanistan could have devastating long-term consequences.

Mr Ellwood to earlier this week: “This is really embarrassing for the West, we’ve lost credibility to uphold and defend democracy when we’re leaving after 20 years in this way.”

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