Joe Biden horror as China prepared to overwhelm US with lethal navy killer missile swarm

China could pressure Taiwan with economic boycott says expert

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The DF21-D and DF-26D missiles are two lethal weapons possessed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. War strategy expert Harry Kazianis told that the missiles would “do a lot of damage” to the US navy. Describing the stakes as being “crazy”, he warned that China has such high numbers of weapons that it is “very unlikely the US navy would be able to shoot them all down”.

This comes as tensions between the US and China have reached new heights in recent weeks after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paid a visit to Taiwan.

The Chinese military extended an unprecedented show of force in retaliation for the visit, including four days of military drills encircling Taiwan.

China’s foreign ministry said Ms Pelosi’s visit has had “a severe impact on the political foundation of China-US relations and seriously infringes upon China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Speaking about China’s reaction to Ms Pelosi’s visit, Mr Kazianis said: “I think we’re definitely going to see the continuation of a lot more missile tests.

“I think what you’re also going to see is the Chinese test two specific missiles which are really important.

“One called the DF21-D and another one called the DF-26D.

“I call these ones out because they are what a lot of experts call ‘carrier killer missiles’ or the ‘navy killer missiles’.

“Those are the missiles that were specifically built by the Chinese so if this scenario ever happened – the scenario over Taiwan – they would be able to do a lot of damage to the US navy if they were to come within 500 miles of China’s coast.

“And the Chinese have so many of these missiles, that it’s very unlikely the US Navy would be able to shoot them all down.

“It gets very possible the US navy would lose a carrier. Those are basically the stakes – they’re pretty crazy.”

He also warned that Xi Jinping could use the weapons in a “swarm strike”, involving hundreds of missiles.

He explained: “They would use them in a scenario where, let’s say, the Chinese decide to invade Taiwan and they are starting to amass forces to move in.


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“The US Navy would come across the pacific and use whatever assets they have and basically in the area to try and stop the Chinese.

“That’s when the Chinese could potentially launch swarm strikes – hundreds of these types of missiles that basically overwhelm US missile defences.

“Even if we put every missile defence that we have in Asia, we would not be able to stop the thousands of missiles the Chinese have built.

“So that’s how dangerous this is.”

Since last Thursday, the People’s Liberation Army has fired missiles around Taiwan and sent more than 200 military aircraft and more than 50 warships toward the island, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, dozens of Chinese military planes have crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait, the unofficial sea border between Taiwan and China.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday that the exercises were aimed at “sending a warning” to those seeking Taiwan’s independence.

In a statement after landing in Taiwan, Ms Pelosi said: “Our congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan honours America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant democracy.

“America’s solidarity with the 23 million people of Taiwan is more important today than ever, as the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy.”

China had previously warned of “consequences” if Ms Pelosi proceeded with the visit.

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