Joe Biden slammed for huge gas-guzzling 85-vehicle motorcade at COP26 summit

US President Joe Biden has been blasted by critics for using as many as 85 petrol engine cars in his motorcade for a UN climate change meeting.

New footage shows a huge trail of vehicles accompanying 78-year-old American leader down a cleared-out M8 motorway today, as he and his team travelled to the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

Biden will be staying in Edinburgh for the duration of the summit, meaning it is likely the entire security detail will be making the 46 mile journey between Glasgow and Edinburgh in their vehicles at least twice a day.

Twitter users from both sides of the Atlantic were quick to point out the 'hypocrisy' of the President using multiple cars' worth of fossil fuels while claiming to take determined action on carbon dioxide emissions.

Kevin Reynolds wrote: "All them taking 1 Man to a Climate Conference….makes perfect sense that does!!"

While Daniel Hutchinson sarcastically quipped: "But the working man, meat eaters and people who take holidays are the problem"

Another user said: "If Biden is under so much threat that he needs an 85 Car Motorcade as he travles through Italy and Scotland maybe he’d be best staying at home tucked up nice and safe and just dailing into the confrence via Zoom!"

However, a few others spoke in his defence, saying that it was unavoidable that the leader of a major nation would need a large level of security. It was also suggested that the benefits of him appearing in person would justify the amount of CO2 created by his motorcade and aeroplane flights.

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Mr Biden met with local politicians in Edinburgh before setting off to the talks today.

Speakers on the first day of the COP26 included Boris Johnson, David Attenborough and Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales briefly tripped up on his way up to the stage earlier, but recovered in time to give an opening speech.

He said: "The scale and scope of the threat we face call for a global, systems-level solution based on radically transforming our current fossil fuel-based economy to one that is genuinely renewable and sustainable."

The COP26 summit began on Sunday, and will officially conclude on Friday 12 November.

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