Kate Middletons sassy reply to people who say "shes lucky to have" William

Kate Middleton reportedly has a quick-witted response up her sleeve when told she's lucky to be married to the future king.

When Prince William settled down with Kate nearly 11 years ago, many thought she was a very lucky woman.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's relationship has been a long one, having known each other since they were at university together.

However, before William eventually found love with Kate, the prince and future king apparently had plenty of attention from girls while studying.

So, of course, when he finally got together with Kate, many thought she was very lucky. But, the now-Duchess has a brilliant answer to anyone who tells her she's "lucky to have" Prince William.

According to Claudia Joseph, author of "Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting, Smiling," when one of Kate's friends from their university days at St Andrews told her how lucky she was to be going out with William, she only had one simple but sassy response: "He's lucky to have me."

The royal couple who have been married for over a decade showed the flame between them is still alive on their Caribbean tour, where their many moments of PDA, including hand-holding and dancing together delighted many royal fans.

William and Kate have wrapped up their Caribbean tour – today being their last day – with several engagements in the Bahamas before returning home in time for Mother's Day tomorrow (Sunday, March 27).

Their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, are awaiting their return. However, though they've been separated from their parents, the kids have apparently been tracking their parent's progress on the tour, according to William.

The Duke of Cambridge explained that George had been sticking pins in a world map, marking all the destinations his parents have visited, sharing the information with his younger siblings.

He said: "We let them know where we are and he finds us on the map and puts a pin in it and shares with the others."

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With couple set to reunite with their kids on Mother's Day, many royal fans are anticipating what gifts or appreciation Kate will be shown this year.

Last year, the children made a delicious Victoria Sponge to honour both Kate and her mum Carole Middleton. A post on the Cambridge's official Twitter showed a picture of the cake alongside a throwback snap of Kate as a child, holding her mum's hand.

After such a heart-warming gesture to mark last Mother's Day, royal fans are definitely keen to know what the children have in store for Kate this year.

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