Landlord digs way out of home as tenant left mountains of rubbish and faeces

A horrified landlord discovered his property filled with mountains of rubbish and faeces so high that he had to "dig his way back out".

The shameless "tenant from hell" went on to suggest that their £500 deposit would cover the mammoth £15,000 clean-up operation.

Landlord Danny Hernon grew frustrated and suspicious when his tenant of 18 years was reluctant to hand back their keys to his three bedroom and one bathroom terraced house, despite moving out over a month ago.

But the 54-year-old was shocked to find the reason when he eventually gained entry to the Oldham, Greater Manchester, property on Thursday, December 9.

The rooms were filled with heaps of waste and rubbish in every room.

Disgusting photo and video footage show rotting waist-high piles of rubbish, including heaps of tissue paper covered in faeces on the bathroom floor.

The landlord says the clean-up is estimated to be 30 times the amount of their security deposit.

Danny and his business partner are now having to pay the bill in order to replace the interior and clear all of the rubbish.

But the landlords are hoping that by reporting the tenant to the police and council they will be able to get her to pay up at least some of the damages.

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Danny said: "She gave her notice to move out but was holding back with the keys, she just kept putting it off even though her tenancy was up.

"Eventually we picked the keys up and that's what I walked into. I was absolutely horrified.

"It was just absolute carnage in every room. In the video the front room is empty but the skip outside is everything that came out of there.

"When I'm walking through the kitchen you can actually hear things cracking under my feet and that's all the bottles and plastic rubbish.

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"I had to dig to get to the back door, that's how much stuff was on the floor.

"I just don't know how humans can live like that. It must have been going on for years for it to get like that.

The landlord and a friend have so far spent five gruelling days shovelling the piles of rubbish out of the house and have filled five skips.

They hope to have cleared the filthy property before Christmas to refurbish and sell it in the new year.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the incident of criminal damage was reported on December 15 and is being investigated.

A spokesperson for Oldham Council said: "It's important that landlords carry out checks on their tenants prior to letting a property and that they carry out regular checks to ensure tenants are complying with their tenancy agreement and that the house is in a good state of repair."

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