Lockdown rave estate say Boris is a divvy but dont care he broke rules

Residents of a notorious Brit estate that hit headlines for hosting a rave during lockdown last year say they don't care if Boris Johnson broke his own lockdown rules or not.

Grove Hill estate previously hit national headlines after the residents enjoyed an illegal lockdown rave, and two years later they have labelled Boris Johnson a "divvy" despite not caring that he "broke rules".

Resident Liam Henry organised a VE Day bash on his estate, which he recalls gleefully as the "best day ever".

The 55-year-old said: "We got a lot of flack.

"We had 200 to 300 people on the street and they were all doing 'Oops Upside Your Head' and they were all two metres apart but the way they picture was taken it looked like everyone was squashed up."

At the time 400 Brits a day were dying from Covid, causing people to be furious at the pictures which emerged from the party, reports Teesside Live.

It has since been alleged that Boris was also breaking rules as he attended a "bring your own bottle" party at Downing Street.

The party reportedly sent out 100 invites via email.

A lot of Brits are furious over Boris' alleged actions, however the estate which held the rave say they "couldn't care less".

Liam said: "I think this thing about Boris is just a load of tripe.

"I know [the media] want stories on him, but I say it as it is – Labour, the Lib Dems, the 1922 Committee – they want to mind their own business. We voted in Boris, not them. And they are all just as bad, they just haven't been caught.

"We support Boris 100%. He's done a good job for us."

Liam explained how the street party included burgers, hotdogs and a DJ.

A young mum, however, was furious about the prime minister's alleged actions.

She said: "And how many times has [the PM] done this? Our party was for VE Day, it was a one off, yet it seems like he was doing it every other weekend – I think he's a hypocrite."

Another local added: "People were so fed-up, and I think they've forgot maybe just how hard lockdown was – that's maybe why they aren't as angry about Boris as maybe they should be.

"And it definitely does feel like one rule for us, and one rule for them. But I feel that we should also now be focusing on trying to solve the problems we have now, and looking to the future, rather than the past."

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