Loveland man accused of holding CSU football player, salesman at gunpoint in treatment

The man accused of holding two roofing-company salesmen at gunpoint and stepping on the neck of one of them, who is a black Colorado State football player, missed his first court appearance on Thursday because he is undergoing mental health treatment, his lawyer said.

Scott Gudmundsen, 65, was arrested June 11 in his Loveland neighborhood after allegedly calling police to report that he was going to confront the two salesmen because he suspected they were antifa, police said.

An affidavit from police explaining the reasons for his arrest said Gudmundsen described himself as a former police officer. According to the document, one of the men, who is a football player at Colorado State University, said Gudmundsen knelt on his neck while jamming a gun into his back. The man said that when he asked Gudmundsen not to kill him, Gudmundsen replied that he would not but the police would, according to the document.

Lawyer Andy Gavaldon told District Judge Carroll Brinegar that he was making a “special appearance” on Gudmundsen’s behalf to report that he was a patient at a mental health center, KUSA-TV reported.

Gudmundsen was released after posting bail. His family arranged for him to be treated for a mental health illness that he has had for a decade, his son Stanley Gudmundsen said. He told the station his father’s actions were the result of mental illness, not racism.

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