Loyal dog who refused to leave dead owner’s house is unrecognisable after rescue

A loyal dog who refused to leave his dead owner's house for years has been rescued and given an incredible transformation at an animal shelter.

The poor canine was found living in an abandoned village house in the rural city of Zaoyang, central China's Hubei province after local farmers alerted a local dog rescue centre on March 9.

Video shared onto Douyin shows shelter owner Xiao Hei and her volunteers trying to take the dog to a local veterinary clinic.

When they arrive, the skinny dog shows signs of a mites infection around the eyes, nose and ears.

He is seen shivering in the corner and avoiding eye contacts to the volunteers.

Xiao Hei mentioned in the video: "I was told by the neighbours that the dog owner was a farmer and he was living on benefits, alone with the dog.

"He passed away three years ago and the dog stayed here to safeguard this empty house ever since.

"The poor animal couldn't find any food and was eating his faeces all these times."

When the team took the dog onto a pickup truck, the loyal pooch stared at his owner's house as if he didn't want to leave the place.

Xiao Hei later brought him to a clinic where he was given medicine to kill fleas and mites.

Volunteers shaved off his tangled coat of fur and pampered him with a shower.

In a new video posted on Sunday (March 29), the dog looks completely different with a new coat of shiny fur.

He is adapting to his new life at the animal shelter and is seen eating kibbles along with other dogs.

Viewers thanked Xiao Hei and her volunteers for saving the dog's life.

One wrote: "I can see this dog is very loyal to his owner, thank you for saving him and giving him a new life."

"You're an angel!" a second commented. "I'm crying see his amazing transformation."

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