M25 killer Kenneth Noye tells victims lover come out of hiding

M25 killer Kenneth Noye says he is “no risk” to the bereaved girlfriend of a man he stabbed to death on a motorway slip road.

Noye murdered 21-year-old Stephen Cameron in 1996 after cutting up a red can driven by his 17-year-old partner Danielle Cable, who watched helplessly as her boyfriend was stabbed through the heart.

Her evidence helped see Noye jailed for life with a minimum 16 years but Danielle was forced into witness protection.

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However, having been released after almost 19 years in prison, career criminal Noye now says that she has nothing to fear from him.

The 75-year-old, who was out on licence at the time of killing after being part of the £26million Brink's-Mat heist in 1983, has spoken out for the first time in a new book by Donal MacIntyre and Karl Howman.

“She is at no risk from me. I would be happy to assure her of that… It should never have happened,” Noye told the Daily Mirror. “As I walk free, so should she.”

After police tracked him down in Barbate, Spain, Danielle travelled there to identify him in a restaurant and help bring him back to the UK to face justice.

The trial heard Noye was on his way to a get-together at his local pub when he knifed Stephen twice, in the heart and liver.

Claiming to bear no ill will towards Danielle, Noye said in the book: “She gave honest evidence at the trial. I have no issue with her.

“I am truly sorry for her loss and I am glad she has moved on with her life. She may not believe me but I do want to say this. I am not a danger to her in any respect.

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“I was never a danger to her and there was never a million-pound price on her head, as the police suggested.

“She should be able to fully enjoy her family and friends because there are no threats to her from me – there never was. I am devastated at Stephen’s death and the circumstances around it.”

She was not the only other victim, though, as Stephen’s family was never the same again.

Haunted by the murder, parents Ken and Toni spent the rest of their lives trying to keep Noye behind bars.

Speaking in 2015 when it was revealed he would be moving to an open prison in preparation for release, Ken said: “We wanted him to stay behind bars and pay for what he’s done. He should serve life. He’s never shown any remorse.”

A year later, Toni died after a short illness. And last year, Ken took a drug overdose in his retirement home flat in Ashford, Kent.

Danielle lives under an assumed identity for fear of a revenge attack and only sees her family twice a year.

Former Detective Superintendent Nick Biddiss, who led the hunt for Noye after he fled the UK, said: “I was told there was a credible threat to her at the time. She was instrumental in making sure he got convicted of murder.

“Kenneth Noye has been out for four years and yet Danielle is still living in witness protection. Is that fair? Of course it’s not.”

A Million Ways To Stay On The Run: The Uncut Story Of The International Manhunt For Public Enemy No.1 Kenny Noye, by Donal MacIntyre and Karl Howman, is published by Mirror Books tomorrow and available via Amazon and all good book shops.


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