Macron trying to gain kudos with new Zelensky style military uniform: Wants momentum’

Marine Le Pen blames Macron for dependency on Russian oil

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Since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his brutal invasion of Ukraine, Zelensky has attracted widespread praise for his resilience in the face of adversity. On Tuesday afternoon he spoke at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council via a videolink, just days after Russia was accused of war crimes in the form of mass civilian killings around Kyiv. Since the war began Zelensky has ditched the formalities of a suit and tie and instead sported an olive green military t-shirt.

Irrespective of whether he is speaking to the House of Commons or recording a pre-recording message for the Grammys, the president has continued to don military attire. 

In photos shared on social media last month French President Mr Macron appeared to take inspiration from the Ukrainian leader by turning up to work in a pair of jeans and a French paratroopers hoodie. 

While the pictures invited criticism on social media, Dr David Lees told that the French electorate are unlikely to be phased by the President’s attempt to “gain kudos” with his sartorial choice. 

On the outfit, Dr Lees said: “It’s clear he’s trying to gain some kudos. Some sort of momentum from that. 

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“I’m not really sure the French will care either way on this. 

“I think they’re quite grateful of Macron’s leadership, particularly on welcoming refugees, and in terms of a sense of really supporting Ukraine. 

“There might be a little bit of amusement at that naturally but I don’t think it will be quite as bad as you might expect. 

“Had this happened a year ago, we might be talking about different things, saying, ‘Actually this is really going to cost him his campaign’. 

“I think ultimately barring a major own goal nothing can really derail that.”

This Sunday France will go to the polls for the first round of the French election, with Mr Macron favourite to reclaim the Presidency.

Though the leader’s support has dwindled in recent weeks in the face of France’s cost of living crisis, he gained a huge surge in support upon Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Macron has been central to the West’s diplomatic attempts to convince Putin to withdraw from Ukraine. 

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Meanwhile, Dr Lees noted that Mr Macron’s outfit choice was echoing some of his predecessors in the Élysée Palace. 

He said: “I think it reflects the military past of some of the former French Presidents.

“If you look at somebody like [Charles] De Gaulle, he was himself an army general, but he was always pictured in military uniform, particularly when there were threats to his presidency. 

“It’s not an unusual thing for a French President. I think even François Hollande was pictured in military gear.”

A poll published by Elabe on April 1 projected Mr Macron to beat National Rally leader Marine Le Pen by only six points if the pair were to meet in the elections second round, as is anticipated.

Mr Macron is projected to receive 53 percent of the vote, compared to Ms Le Pen’s 47 percent. 

Dr Lees believes Mr Macron’s media savvy nature will stand him in good stead if he goes up against his far-right rival. 

He said: “Every presidential election journalist spends hours pouring over the detail of the campaigns of these presidential figures, but really since the Seventies it has been a very stylised highly personal choice.

“They are actually quite interested in how someone looks, how someone dresses, what their personal life happens to be.

“The televised debates are a massive thing in France, in terms of the debate between the two rounds in particular where you have the two leading candidates going head to head. 

“Macron is a very televisual figure who does understand how the media works.

“If Le Pen makes it through to the second round it’s really quite brilliant for Macron.”

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