Man, 61, surprised that hes been spelling his name Allan wrong his whole life

A grandfather has been left shocked after discovering that he has been spelling his name wrong his entire life.

Allan Grainger, 61, was left dumbfounded when his birth certificate revealed that he's been spelling his name wrong this entire time.

His family were left in stiches on Saturday (July 30) when the discovery was made that his official name is 'Alan' with one L, especially since the factory worker from Derby has two tattoos of his incorrectly spelt name on his arm.

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The 61-year-old is adamant that the person filling out the details on his birth certificate must have made a mistake.

He said: "I couldn't believe it. I've been spelling my name like that all my life. When my daughter said that I thought she was winding me up.

"I was dumbfounded and just couldn't believe it. I think it was a mistake on the birth certificate because my mum wouldn't let me go through school spelling my name like that.

"I've got two tattoos with my name on it, one on my arm and one on my hand. I'm not going to start changing it, I don't see what difference it would make."

Allan's daughter Mya recorded a video showing the birth certificate with the name section listed as 'Alan'.

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The camera then pans to Allan's face who appears to be slightly confused before zooming in on his hand to reveal his tattoo, spelt 'Allan'.

Mya shared the video on TikTok, captioning it: "He's been spelling his name wrong his whole life".

Viewers were quick to comment their own birth certificate blunders in order to soften Allan's shock, with one writing: "I've always written my name as one word only to find out four years ago my name is hyphenated."

A second said: "My nan only found out her name was actually Jean not Margaret when she needed her birth certificate to get married", while a third added: "My dad spells his name different to his birth certificate too, he spells it Stephan not Stephen."


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