Man makes fake bomb threat at airport in bid to get out of paying baggage fee

Nobody likes paying a baggage fee at the airport, especially when it's unexpected. But while most people settle the matter by pulling out a credit card and slapping it angrily on the counter, Wegal Rosen (74) thought it would be better to issue a bomb threat instead.

A man who didn't want to pay the baggage fee at the airport decided to issue a fake bomb threat in protest.

Wegal Rosen, 74, got into a heated argument with an airline agent when they told him he would have to pay a fee to take his bag on the flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Toronto.

In a rage Rosen reportedly displayed his annoyance by abandoning his bag at the ticket counter in front of the airline agent and walking away.

When the agent told the 74-year-old that he has to take the bag with him, Rosen retorted that the bag contained a bomb.

Because of the threat, "what followed was a frenzied response from airport officials and local law enforcement," reports The Washington Post .

"Three terminals were evacuated and swept, police said, roadways were closed, eight flights were cancelled and dozens were delayed."

It turns out that luckily no bomb was found in the bag, and Rosen had made up the hoax to cause distress to the airport.

The comment caused the evacuations of three terminals and a “complete shut down of airport operations for over 4 hours,” NBC reported.

He was quickly arrested and charged with falsely reporting a bomb threat and is facing up to 15 years in prison.

The 74-year-old attended a magistrate hearing on Monday and was told he could not return to the airport nor possess weapons or ammo.

This was not Rosen's first run in with the law, in 2019 he was charged with a third-degree felony charge of battery after attacked another resident of the retirement community he lives in.

At the time all charges were dropped and Rosen was not punished.

Speaking to the Sun-Sentinal, a defence attorney said that it is unlikely the charged will be dropped around this time.

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