Married clown duo who disappeared after prison gig are found brutally murdered

A married Costa Rican couple who performed as clowns were reportedly kidnapped and murdered by a gang.

Joselin Chacón Lobo and husband Nelson Villatoro disappeared after doing a show for inmates in Guatemala back in May.

The body of 29-year-old Joselin, who went by the professional name of 'Chispita', was found last week, along with that of her partner, in a house less than an hour away following a 52 day search.

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The pair were believed to have been strangled and dumped in a grave, with their shoes and face paints left nearby.

Prior to that grisly discovery several exhumations had already been carried out in different parts of Guatemala, but none has resulted in the couple's remains being located.

According to Ecuadorian newspaper La Hora Chispita's funeral took place on Sunday in the town of Amatitlán and saw a number of fellow clowns help to carry her coffin, which was covered with scrawled messages of remembrance.

The mourners were all colourfully dressed and carried flowers, balloons of different shapes and colours.

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At the end of the ceremony, people were said to have applauded 'Chispita', while her heartbroken mum, Victoria Lobo spoke out about her killers.

"I want to tell the people who did this to my daughter and son-in-law that I forgive them in the name of Jesus – and I bless you in the name of Jesus," she said.

The funeral procession was also made up of other artists and clowns, all of whom wore colourful clothes and carried flowers and balloons of different shapes and sizes.

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It's not yet clear whether any arrests have been made over the deaths.

The Association of Clowns and Comedians of Guatemala paid tribute the couple, writing: "We mourn the loss of two loved ones and for the guild of the red nose.

"We join the pain of their relatives – God give them strength, unity and resignation in these moments of mourning."


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