McDonald’s driver snaps photo of ‘enormous big cat’ on prowl near city

A McDonald’s driver claims to have snapped a “big cat ” prowling through a field as he delivered a burger.

Richard Evans, 24, took the photo in Chester, Cheshire, on December 13 – around 10 miles from other reports of an animal dubbed the "Puma of Pontybodkin".

In it, he claims the outline of a mysterious creature is visible near some bushes.

Mr Evans reported it to Puma Watch North Wales, a group which investigates supposed big cat sightings.

He said: "I was out on my bike coming back into town after delivering someone's McDonald's when I spotted an enormous big cat across the river on the meadows.

"I pulled over to take a picture and tried to shout to a dog walker nearby but they couldn't hear me.

"It was prowling along the edge of the long grass then disappeared into the undergrowth. It was absolutely massive though, like nothing I've ever seen."

Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch North Wales, was surprised to receive a sighting so close to Chester’s busy city centre.

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However, the surrounding meadows extend for miles and offer roaming space for animals.

Mr Jones explained: ”They're also on the 'Welsh' side of the river so places like Pontybodkin, where we've had a few recent sightings, are just 10 miles away without having to cross the river or move through any populated areas.

"Since getting this report, we've learnt that in September 2011 someone called 999 to report a tiger in the exact same location.

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“They were walking along the River Dee in Chester when they said a tiger had walked through a late and looked at them before disappearing off into the bushes. This wasn't made public until 2014.

"It's really hard to get a sense of scale from the photo, probably because of the distance combined with some motion blur on time animal.

"Potentially a 'low-light' mode has kicked in on the phone's camera and the animal moving quickly while the photo was being taken has exaggerated the size it appears.

"Even so, I think if you compare it with other objects in the photo it looks to be about two or three metres long, we know the largest big cats grow up to five metres and a male, adult puma can grow to about 2.4 metres."

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