Meal Prep King calls women scruffy c***s in sexist rant on Instagram

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A lorry driver turned meal-planning social media star unleashed a bizarre tirade of sexist abuse during a live stream.

John Clark, otherwise known as the Meal Prep King, has been dropped by his publishing company after an "unacceptable" rant in which he called women "all f***ing scruffy c***s".

The 42-year-old took to Instagram live twice on Monday evening (August 15) with a a graze below his eye, and a swollen nose which he claimed in the videos was a result of being "whacked", Manchester Evening News reports.

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Mr Clark who is also a Sunday Times bestselling author for his meal-prepping advice, decided to take swipes at some of his 1,000 viewers using an array of vulgar vocabulary.

Clips from the videos show Mr Clark calling one of his viewers "fat" and a "waste of space" before saying they "haven't got a clue".

A clip from his second video showed Mr Clark using a slur used to demean people with learning difficulties, telling one of his viewers to "shut the f*** up" before describing them as a "thick r***** female, pathetic."

A clip showing his problematic behaviour was shared on Twitter by one of the 1,000 people watching the live video, featuring a two-minute expletive-filled rant about women.

When asked by one of the commenters to "have some respect for females" he replied: "Nope, you're all f***ing scruffy c***s. I do like kinda p***ing women off. 'I'm a woman, I'm a female, and I have rights' shut the f*** up you f***ing scruffy c***." before making a spitting motion directed out of shot.

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He continued in the video: "I'm not against women I just don't agree with the women who think there's some sort of hierarchy, it's weird.

"I'm not really this bad in general but I am opinionated on certain things but you must admit if you're a woman it's like, 'oh basically what it is, what I want to do, I wanna self-sabotage men', f*** off. I tell you what, it keeps the following and people love it."

Several shocked viewers tagged publisher Penguin Michael Joseph, the publishers who have carried both of Mr Clark's books, and Eatlean, a company partnered with Mr Clark.

Both firms have since publicly distanced themselves from Mr Clark today.

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A spokesperson for the publisher said: "Penguin Michael Joseph is appalled by John Clark’s unacceptable behaviour. We do not have any more books under contract with John and will not be working with him in future."

Eatlean posted a statement on their social media accounts, stating they had unfollowed and disassociated themselves with the man. Their comment read: "We'd like to make it known to our Eatlean community that we are aware of the offensive actions that have taken place on an unrelated Instagram account today.

"It's important that we strongly express our zero tolerance stance on offensive messaging of any kind. We are no longer involved or affiliated with the individual. We as a brand will continue to stand firm on this.

"Thank you to our community for uniting once again to help stamp out any offensive and abusive behaviour. We unite with you on this."

Mr Clark has been contacted for comment.


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