Meet the viral TikTok star who fans say is the reincarnation of Princess Diana

A woman has shot to fame on social media for her resemblance to the Princess of Wales.

Rose Van Rijn who boasts over 972k TikTok followers has a deep passion for the 70s aesthetic but her short blonde hair and striking blue eyes have been getting the most attention on the site.

The beauty known as '@70srose' went viral after her followers began buzzing over her likeness to the former wife of Prince Charles who was killed in a car crash on August 31, 1997.

Some have even gone as far as to dub her the 'reincarnation of Princess Diana.'

One commenter said: "I'm pretty sure you are Lady Diana reincarnated."

Another wrote: "OMG I can't get over this – REINCARNATED!"

"You look like Diana so much! You're gorgeous!" a third said.

And it would appear that Rose has truly embraced her Princess of Wales style as she claims her Diana haircut is "probably my favourite cut I've ever had".

She has also paid tribute to the Queen of People's Hearts on what would have been her 60th birthday by making a 'look book' of all of her favourite Diana styles.

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Describing the project she said: "It’s so remarkable how she is still having such a big impact on the world.

"Everyone knows who she is. Even people who are too young to remember her when she was alive or weren’t even born when she passed. I am one of them.

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"In honour of her 60th birthday, I made a look book inspired by some of my favourite early 80s Diana outfits. Here is already one of the 5 outfits and one of my favourites!! I’ve worked on this for 2 months, maybe even longer.

"I started planning outfits in February and I’m so proud of the end result. I hope I can do her justice with it."

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But despite her resemblance and similar style, Rose explained that she is not trying to be a copy of the Princess as she just wants to keep her legacy alive.

She added: "I am not in any way trying to be her because quite frankly no one could ever be who she was. Not me, not anyone.

"But I do feel so lucky and grateful that I got to be the one to bring back the Diana haircut. That I got to be a part of keeping her legacy and style alive even if it was just in the slightest way, it’s the biggest honour.

"She is a role model to us all and I can only hope that I one day become the confident woman she became."

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