Meghan ‘echoes Diana’ so much it was like her ‘ghost’ was in Oprah interview

Meghan Markle 'echoed' Princess Diana as she opened up about the hardships she faced as a working royal in a shocking interview with Oprah, an expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke of life as a senior member of the royal family and what life was like at the beginning of her marriage to Prince Harry.

Andrew Morton, Princess Diana's biographer, has said that she 'echoed' the People's Princess during the sit-down chat with the US host.

He said it was like "entering the Royal 'Hot Tub Time Machine' which sent him back to the 1990s when he spoke to Diana about her own experiences.

He added: "It was as though her ghost hovered over the two-hour Oprah Winfrey special.

"Time after time, Meghan spoke in the same language and with the same sentiments as the late Princess. It was uncanny."

He said Meghan speaking about having suicidal thoughts, exhaustion and feeling like a 'prisoner of the Palace', but having respect for the Queen was similar to Prince Harry's late mother.

Andrew claimed to The Sun: "It was as though the Royal Family had learned nothing from the unhappy years the late Princess spent with The Firm."

After Diana's first visit to Australia in 1983, she told Andrew that she "learned to be a Royal in one week", with the biographer saying Meghan also "realised there was a difference between the image and the reality".

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Meghan told Oprah that she left the house 'twice in four months' when staying at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.

Andrew compares the isolation to Diana feeling like a "prisoner of the Palace" being confined in a "royal straitjacket of protocol".

But the writer also points out the disturbing similarities both women spoke about in regards to their mental health.

Andrew said: "Diana made several desperate cries for help where she tried to get the attention of Prince Charles.

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"Her husband eventually agreed that she see a doctor in London for guidance."

But Meghan claims she didn't receive help from The Firm but said staff were sympathetic towards her.

Prince Harry later joins the Duchess and Oprah and said he feared 'history would repeat itself' with his late mum and his wife, 39.

He said to Oprah that he "felt her presence through this whole process" of the pair stepping away from senior duties, saying his mother would have been 'angry and disappointed' at how they were treated.

The interview CBS special is available on ITV hub.

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