Meghan Markle fans fume as shes mocked by harsh TV host over Queen relationship

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Meghan Markle's fan fumed after she was mocked over her relationship with the Queen on a satirical panel show.

The cast of a popular Australian comedy show poked fun at the Queen after she left Meghan and Prince Harry out of her speech at COP26.

They quipped that the monarch is proud of Prince Charles and Prince William but left out Meghan and Prince Harry, Express reports.

Her Royal Highness can be heard saying how "proud" she is of her family as host Tom asked the panellists: "Proud of who?"

Fifi quickly replies: "Meghan Markle trolls."

The audience burst into laughter at the remark as the presenter jokingly responds: "She's unleashed them!"

Ed Kavalee added: "Well, this was spicy, because she thanked Prince Charles and then Prince William for their efforts in conservation, but didn't thank Prince Harry and Meghan Markle."

The comedy TV programme, called Have You Been Paying Attention, has been compared to Britain's satirical panel show "Mock the Week".

The monarch did not mention Prince Harry or Meghan Markle in her speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

This comes after Harry claimed in May that climate change was one of "the most pressing issues we are facing".

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The Duke of Sussex recently hosted Global Citizens Live in New York City where he discussed climate change.

The Queen praised her son and grandson as well as her late husband Prince Philip who died in April this year.

The 95-year-old monarch said in her address: "It is a source of great pride to me that the leading role my husband paid in encouraging people to protect our fragile planet lives on through the work of our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William.”

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She added: "I could not be more proud of them."

Reacting to the hosts' jabs at Meghan, one online commenter defended the Duchess: "In the work place this sort of behaviour would be bullying."

While another said: "The Brits have always made fun of the Queen, Royal Family never took it as an insult. Need to see it in a relaxed way."

A third saw it a different way, writing: "It's not unusual at all that she would mention the two heirs to the throne, and not the 6th in line. Harry and William are not equals."

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Meghan Markle was also recently mocked by Sunrise Australia TV hosts who burst into laughter at her expense as they watched a video of the Duchess reading her book.

Meghan read her children's book The Bench on children's YouTube story channel on Wednesday.

She was seen at home in her $14million (£10m) mansion garden in Montecito, California.

Sunrise hosts Karl Stefanovic, Allison Langdon, and Alex Cullen, did not seem impressed by the Duchess of Sussex as they could be heard laughing as they played the video live.

Meghan revealed the book is about a "special bond between father and son" as "seen through a mother's eyes."

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