Melania Trump could ‘fully embrace her dark side’ as First Lady ‘in meetings’ for memoir

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News of Ms Trump’s alleged book plans surfaced last week, when an insider said the First Lady was in meetings to discuss it. The anonymous source told Page Six: “And it would be her money — a chance for her to earn on her own.”

It has led to speculation about what Ms Trump’s memoir could include.

One analyst, Arwa Mahdawi, has said Ms Trump, the wife of US President Donald Trump, is “every bit as conniving as her husband”.

Writing in The Guardian, she added: “Extreme pettiness is not a good trait in a human being. However, it can make for excellent content in a memoir.

“I have high hopes that Melania will fully embrace her dark side after leaving the White House and take down the Trump family in a scandalous tell-all.”

It would not be the first time the First Lady would be linked to a revealing memoir.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former aide and close friend of Ms Trump, published a book called Melania and Me earlier this year.

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It provided insight into the friendship between the two and why it fell apart later on.

However, at least one reviewer described the book as informing but lacking in “bombshell revelations”.

Whether Melania’s alleged upcoming book would contain any remains to be seen.

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The Page Six source claimed Donald Trump has been “encouraging” his wife to go ahead with the project, so it is unclear what angle it would take.

Earlier this year, the President was the subject of the best-selling ‘Too Much and Never Enough’ – a book written by his niece Mary L. Trump.

The memoir – described as “ruthless” – blasts Donald Trump with a series of revealing anecdotes.

The President’s niece yesterday confirmed a sequel is in the works and will be released in July next year.

Titled ‘The Reckoning’, the upcoming book aims to examine the “corrupt and immoral policies” of the Trump administration.

It is also thought Donald Trump himself could land a lucrative book deal after leaving office.

It is common for former US presidents to write memoirs of their time in office.

However, the New York Times recently reported publishers are conflicted about whether or not they would agree to work with Mr Trump on such a project.

Some publishing officials are reportedly worried that publishing staff would be unhappy with such a deal, while also considering how they might ensure the book is accurate.

Some publishers have worked with Mr Trump in the past, including Random House which released his bestselling ‘Trump: The Art of the Deal’.

Donald Trump was defeated in the US election last month by Democrat rival Joe Biden.

He and Melania are due to leave the White House in January, when Mr Biden is inaugurated.

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