Met Office weather warnings: Intense lightning storm and rain to batter Britain in HOURS

BBC Weather: Thundery showers to hit parts of UK

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Met Office weather forecasters have released weather warnings for parts of the UK this morning. Despite a generally bright start, people will have to reckon with heavy rain and lightning storms in a few hours’ time. These warnings cover a significant portion of the UK well into the weekend.

The Met Office’s warning states an “area” of heavy rain will bear down in two broad patches.

It reads: “An area of heavy rain and some thunderstorms is expected to develop on Saturday morning over southern England and then move northeastwards before clearing into the North Sea Saturday afternoon.

“Many places will see a short period of heavy rain whilst some may see a more prolonged period of rain along with some intense bursts, with lightning and hail.

“Under the heavier rain some sites could see 30-40 mm rain falling in a few hours.

“Once this clears, further heavy showers are expected to break out.

“These will be more hit-and-miss with many sites staying dry following early rain, but where they do occur, there is a chance of 30 to 35 mm rain falling in an hour, again accompanied by lightning and hail.”

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